Our Litters - C Litter

On 06/07/2006 was born our third litter; 3 males.
The proud parents:

Jespersen‘s Maxime Luna


Solklaras AMADEUS


Solklaras AMADEUS Nikkett's FRONTPAGE STORY Cartoonland’s MOUSTACHE
Cartoonland’s MADAM SANS GENE
Sörreds Parasiso Svedois UNIQUE YBELLE-BEAU von der Klusmatt
Sörreds Paraiso Svedois LOU-LOU
Jespersen‘s Maxime Luna XANDER Of The Swift Cotton NESTOR du Domaine de la Rouvière
VOGUE Of The Swift Cotton
UNIK of the Emperor`s Dream GORGEOUS GEORGE von der Rosa Alba
RISHONA of the Emperor`s Dream

The last Days

Ciaro di Luna thirsty
a fresh, cleaned Cedric
Cedric thirsty
a fresh, cleaned Calvin
week 8

the last meal
childs vom Donauvillino
Chiaro di Luna vom Donauvillino
Cedric vom Donauvillino
Calvin vom Donauvillino
week 7

week 6

week 5

week 4

the third week

the second week

Chiaro di Luna, Cedric, Calvin
the first week

Chiaro di Luna & Calvin & Cedric vom Donauvillino
the second day

the family
the first day

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